Now that the pandemic is becoming outrageous and it is not easy to get things done properly, then you can see the problems that others are facing and this is not going to be easy for them to deal with especially that they don’t have much savings or they have to stop from working because of the number of people infected of the virus in your area. One of the most important things that we need now is the surgical mask and you know that most of the pharmacies now are out of stock and the price of this one in the market is getting higher and higher as other sellers are taking advantage of this one which other people would have the initiative to create and make the reusable masks as this is better than those disposable ones which you need to throw away right after using it unlike for the cloth type which you can wash it and dry and reuse it again.

We will give you some ideas about what you can really do about it and we will assure you that this one will be the best thing to do while you are making yourself secured about the virus.

You need to have the best layers for this possible mask that you want to make and make sure that it has different layers and a minimum of two. If you want to be more creative then you can use those fabrics that have different kinds of designs so that it would look nice when you are wearing this one and others would think that you need to have the best material so that it would be more comfortable to use it. Make sure that it can help you to stop and prevent the germs and the other microorganisms from getting to your mouth and nose because this is the main purpose of wearing the mask.

If you can’t find a textile shop, then you don’t need to worry as you have to think deeply and you could have other options there like the t-shirt that you are not using anymore or the old handkerchief so that you could have the best ways to create a good mask that you didn’t expect. One more option that you can have is the pillow cases that you are not using anymore but make sure that it is presentable to use as you don’t want to use those ones with a lot of holes in it as it would not help you to block those allergens coming. Of course, you can choose the different styles and colors and you can put them together so that they would look very nice and pleasant to the one who is going to use it.

Before you do the cutting and the preparation of the stuff and things, you need to make sure that your hands are clean and sanitize all the things that you are going to use here to ensure that there will be no virus or germs that will attach to the items.