3 on 3 Basketball
Log into this site to see the complete details of the summer and fall 3 on 3 basketball tournaments in August and September or click to download 3 on 3 information.

Oregon Prep Basketball conducts youth basketball tournaments throughout Washington and Oregon.  For more information on our program including schedules and upcoming events, you will need to set up and account to access our website, so please click here to  login to our site.  Here is how you do it. Click on; log into our site, then click on register here in blue (upper right corner) Pick a username (your choice) and pick a password (your choice) and enter your email address.  You will need  to enter your username and password each time you come to our site, so please rememeber your username and password, thank you.  If you need further assistance please feel free to give us a call at (360) 885-7810, Robby Fenk.

Please note: Washington State has implemented a new law, “ Lystedt Law HB 1824” requiring all coaches to watch a video regarding concussion head injuries with athletes.  Please go to www.mywiaa.org/lystedt/default.htm to watch this video.